In 2010, the USM Foundation conducted a redesign of the organization’s logo to help establish a stronger identity. As a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the USM Foundation needed a logo that clearly identified them as a separate entity while still a part of the University family. The new logo would serve as a catalyst to the development of a more cohesive organizational identity through the Foundation’s materials, messages and actions.

The new logo design features a shield, representing the Foundation’s commitment to serving the University by providing support for scholarships and other academic needs.

Logos were also created to identify the Foundation’s three donor recognition societies—the Honor Club (major giving recognition society), the McCarty Legacy (planned giving recognition society) and the Aubrey K. Lucas Society (annual giving recognition society).

The McCarty Legacy honors the generous spirit of the late Oseola McCarty, a frugal washerwoman who donated $150,000—the majority of her life savings—to the University through a planned gift. The six circles that comprise the tree in the logo represent the “six dimes” of Ms. McCarty’s estate (a story worth researching).

The Aubrey K. Lucas Society honors the institution’s most beloved president emeritus, a man who has truly made his mark on Southern Miss through his many years of service and his long-standing charitable support for the University. With more than 35 years of giving to the USM Foundation, Dr. Lucas is one of the longest consecutive-year donors to the institution.

The logo pays homage to Dr. Lucas’ impeccable sense of style and avid love of bowties. Members of the Aubrey K. Lucas Society receive a car window sticker to recognize their commitment to supporting Southern Miss students. The design of the bowtie changes every year.