My story

As a creative communications practitioner, I have learned to master the art of managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines. I am a self-motivator with eight years of experience in higher education advancement and communications management. With a knack for industry trends and a red pen in hand, I collaborate strategic planning with creative concepts to generate a tailored message for the target audience. I thrive on attention to detail, innovative ideas, paper swatch books and my color-coded planner.
My specialties include fundraising communications, branding, creative writing and editing, digital marketing, content management, paper and printing techniques and media relations.
I am a runner / creative writer / designer / dreamer / doer whose success is a direct result of faith, my family’s tender loving military discipline, and a little Southern charm.

My Creative Toolbox


Words are my jam. I love writing compelling content that fires the imagination, stirs the soul and inspires action.

Design + Print

I am a self-proclaimed paper guru who hoards design samples and paper swatch books. A print shop is my wheelhouse.

Brand Management

Every brand has something at its core that gives it purpose. I use strategy and storytelling to bring that purpose to life.

Digital Marketing

From HTML code to clever hashtags, I am well-versed in strategic content management across multiple digital channels.